The Diamond Difference – About Us

In 2004 the founder of Diamond Beverages, Ray Pierre, had a vision to improve customer service while providing affordable pricing. Being able to study the industry for a decade and a half he worked in all aspects of the industry. Understanding that low prices and impeccable service means nothing if you don’t have quality products. Ray was focused on finding a variety of coffees and reliable equipment for his customer’s. On the journey of finding the perfect combination between quality products, reasonable pricing and responsible service; he found that most companies expect two out of the three. Quality products and good service may work out for the companies that are willing to pay the hefty price. Does that mean that an institution that doesn’t have the budget should receive terrible coffee or bad service? Diamond Beverages believes that a good coffee delivery service should provide good service as well as to offer Quality products to suit all of the various budgets. A diamond beverage also believes that a goods coffee delivery service should offer solutions to suit all their different customers’ needs.

Diamond Beverages recognizes that the word is continuously changing. In order to remain a competitive coffee delivery service you need to constantly evolve. The energetic and respectful employees listen and take record of both positive and negative comments. Those comments are then study and used to improve service for all customers. With that strategy mistakes are limited and satisfaction is repetitive. Developing strong relationships is diamond beverages biggest asset.

Diamond Beverages doesn’t want you to wait to your deliveries. In fact we believe that you should not have to call us at all. We rather you do the things at work that you specialize in and allow us to come on a schedule to suit your coffee supplies needs.