can water make good coffee

Today I was asked a question about water filtration in relationship to making good coffee. Will a cup of coffee taste better with filtered water, distilled water, reverse osmosis, or plain tap water. The answer is good coffee can change according to the consumer. Water will definitely change to taste of your coffee. If you are accustom using a specific type of water you will prefer that one to formyour next cup. My opinion is that when you make a cup of coffee using distilled or reverse osmosis the Lack of minerals will take away from the taste off the coffee,Leaving the coffee a little bland. With tap water the minerals are present so the coffee has more body but the chlorine in the water will take caffeine from the coffee and also alter the taste. That being said I like to use a carbon filter to remove the chlorine and irons in the water. A scale inhibitor is also good for make your coffee machine longevity.  This filtration process dose not remove all the minerals that RO filtration will. Another favorable but more expensive type of water to use for you good cup of coffee is natural spring water.  For coffee, teas and even a regular glass or refreshing H2O removing all the minerals in water is like using botox to remove fine lines in you face to much and you also remove personality. So is you cup of coffee good coffee? or just bad water.


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