Drink coffee lose weight with the bulletproof diet

There is a new growing trend in north America. This new diet is called the bulletproof diet. The goal is to increase your energy and help you shed some pounds. Millions of people are now adding unsalted grain-fed butter to their coffee. The bulletproof diet was created by Dave asprey the theory is that the body uses the fat of the butter to absorb nutrients in foods. The butter also send satisfying messages to the brain that will caulm cravings for foods such as cake and other treats. Is the bulletproof  diet truly bulletproof? Is it worth sacrificing your morning coffee, at least the taste of your coffee. personally I would rather drink my coffee for enjoyment and sacrifice something else in my life but this diet may just work for you.  I understand that some people think that it fast similar to a latte. Remember to use a low acidic fair trade coffee it will Lengthen you shot of energy.

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