single cup coffee

Individual packaged Single cup coffee mahine has been in our industry for about 15 years now. In the beginning the options where small, the price high and the popularity was low. The interest for the single cup has increased exponentially. The 4 in 1 single cup coffee machineoptions for single cup machinery allows us to cater to different volume of users. There is the simple single cup coffee machines. There are others that can remove  the pod for the user, adds the water to the tank automatically. Meny can change the strength and cup size with of the coffee with the push of a button. The variety of single cup coffees are endless, there are over 1000 different brands, flavors,

k-cup single cup coffee machinestrengths and variety of bean. Because of the endless variety there is a coffee for everyone. The single cup coffee is still a a bit more expensive then the drip coffee. The single cup coffees will cost your office anywhere between 55 cents to 65 cents for about 300 different brands and flavors. The others that are part of the green mountain program may cost you more. The single cup system is not for every business, although the single cup gives you variety and fresh coffee every time it can slow down a high volume coffee station. The price for drip coffee (thermos or pot) will cost a company about 25 cents a cup. The only time that the gap between the 25 cents and 55 cents closes is pod single cup machinewhen the coffee consumption is less then 6 cups an hour. company’s are then dumping unused coffee down the Drain. If this action becomes a regular occurrence then that’s when your coffee per cup price rises. When coffee is cold in a thermos sitting on a burner for longer there 30 minutes that is when a single cup coffee machine becomes more appealing.

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