Java Works for Multi-Cup Systems

Java Works - diamond beverages - office coffee services toronto mississauga woodbridge vaughan bramptonDiamond beverages partnership with the Java works coffee surpasses a decade. In that time we have developed a strong business relationship. Both Diamond Beverages and Java Works share the appreciation for fresh delicious coffee with no compromises. Roasting in small batches allows a short rotation cycle. Java works Roasting facility is fully modernized, while at the same time, very traditional. They combined today’s new roasting technologies with time-tested roasting methods. The roasters that are used in the facility are Jabez Burns roasters. These are batch roasters, typically for roasting 500 LBS of coffee at a time. These sophisticated machines are capable of attaining a high amount of heat very quickly allowing prompt, precise and quality roasts. Our Burns Roasters have been meticulously engineered, specifically for the coffee industry.

Another way to inshore a quality product is picking only the best beans to roast. You could imagine the difficulty in picking perfect beans from thousands and thousands of green beans. Java works is proud to be equipped with a state of the art green bean sorting and cleaning system. This ensures that only the best and most perfect beans make their way into the roaster. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted by recipe to achieve a specific roast profile. Many roasters parameters are electronically controlled; it is the skill and craftsmanship of the Java Works Roasting Team that guarantees the perfect roast every time

Metropolitain Blend
100% Colombian
Classic Blend
Gourmet Blend
European Blend

Flavoured Coffees
French Vanilla
Vanilla Hazelnut
Irish Cream
Butter Pecan
Raspberry Chocolate