Stand-Alone Filtered Water Systems

standing water coolers-tall profile-diamond beverages - office coffee services toronto mississauga woodbridge vaughan bramptonFloor model is the most common drinking water system. The floor model comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit your office and work area. Whether it be a low-profile stand-alone water system or a tall-profile stand-alone water system, Diamond Beverages will supply your business with what is best for your office environment. Connecting to the cold water with a 3/8 inch hose allows your water cooler to have endless water supply in a discreet way. Professionally installed your water cooler can go anywhere you desire. Everpure water coolers are built to endure the life of a high traffic business.

More and more Canadian Businesses are upgrading from bottled water to a filtered water dispenser service, in line with a worldwide trend. Companies are recognizing that employees are their most important resource and that a hydrated workforce is a healthy, alert, and productive workforce.

Point of use water coolers and filtered drinking water systems above all else make economic sense. By switching to our bottle less water coolers you get great tasting healthy water at a cost savings of 50% – 75% over bottled water! You never have fuel surcharges added to your bill because you don’t have the gasoline costs to be added to your weekly or bi-weekly bottled water delivery. If you pay rent by the square foot of workspace, you’re paying to store a water company’s bottles. If workplace site security is a concern – remember our systems are installed and the only other time you see our technicians is during the semi-annual computer scheduled sanitation visit.

Everpure water coolers are built to endure the life of a high traffic office life. The Everpure product started in 1933. Over the years they have perfected the water cooler from revolutionizing the industry in 1967 by creating the first quick change water filter to receiving product innovators award in 2007 and the Kitchen innovation award in 2008