Office Coffee Services

Employers around the world agree that supplying coffee for their customers and clients is a great way to show their appreciation for their ongoing business. It is also found that it increases company moral and employee productivity. When you keep your customers and employees comfortable, it increases employee-customer relationship.

Our coffee service allows a company to offer the perks of hot beverages in the work place without having the associated management duties of the coffee station. Diamond Beverages offers single-cup coffee systems and multi-cup coffee systems to cater to your business’ needs.  Diamond Beverages take the responsibilities of finding the right coffee and equipment for your workplace. We ask the right questions, gather information and sample coffees for your office satisfaction. It is important to us to learn you company’s behaviours and customs so we may service your company with the highest standards with the Diamond Service Guarantee.

An arrangement is made to for us to automatically return before your supplies expire. We then inspect the levels of all supplies. Provide only the supplies that are needed on that visit. The service specialist then exchanges the used coffee pots for clean sanitized pots witch has be prepared at Diamond Beverages warehouse. After your service specialist wipes down your machine and your counter he or she brings the recommended list of supplies to the front desk for approval. Your personalized service operator exits with a pleasant departure. Leaving the coffee station clean, stocked with product and with the equipment clean and well maintained.

If there is an item that our customer would like that they don’t normally receive it may be requested on any visit or by telephone to our live friendly operators. If there are issues with any product or equipment before your routine delivery an operator will set up a delivery within 24 business hours.