Thermal Brew Multi-Cup Coffee Systems

Thermal-brew-2 - diamond beverages - office coffee services toronto mississauga woodbridge vaughan bramptonThe thermal brew system has becoming the most desirable multi-cup system for a self-serve environment. Diamond Beverages offers a full-profile thermal brew multi-cup coffee system or a low-profile thermal brew multi-cup coffee system for tight spaces.  The thermal dispensers are a glass lined unit with a hard plastic outer shell. The glass is used for sanitary reasons and allows the dispenser to be cleaned with ease. Designed with a covenant hide a way handle for transporting your coffee dispenser to the self-served area. The thermos retained the temperature of the coffee without the assistance of an electrical burner. This creates the advantage of being able to go in to board rooms, gymnasiums and outdoor events where water and electrical are not present. The thermos can offer 8-16 8oz cups of coffee per brew. The coffee remains at the desired temperature for 45-60 minutes. When coffee doesn’t rely on a burner to retain the temperature there isn’t any water evaporation from the coffee and the coffee consistency remains constant. With machine that offers burners to retain the temperature will start getting thicker and bitterer after 20-30 minutes. The gravity self-serve is user friendly, constructed with a clear sight glass in the front so the user when approaching the thermos can see if there is coffee or not. The user then places their cup under the nozzle of the thermos and holds the button down unit the desired amount of coffee enters the cup.