Single Cup Coffee Maker

Variety of coffee is the fastest growing trend in the world of coffee. Whether you like it mild or strong, flavoured or decaf you have the choice at the reach of your fingertips. Making a cup of coffee on demand is a good way assures that every cup of coffee is equally hot and fresh. In allocation where there is sporadic coffee usage it may actually save you money. If you find that you are making eight cups of coffee and dumping three cups down the drain after a half an hour well then a single cup may work for your situation. Select the coffee that you desire, the individually vacuumed pack must then be opened and placed in the machines specially designed capsule holder.

We Provide a Variety of Single Cup Coffee Makers

Diamond Beverages offers different type of single cup coffee makers, including: Keurig single-cup coffee systems, Pod single-cup coffee systems and Pod single-cup coffee systems WITH automatic remover.  When it is inserted and succoured holder’s drawer is pushed closed, and a cup is placed under the spout to accept the fresh brewed steaming cup of coffee. All that is left is to press brew and in seconds your perfectly brewed coffee is ready for you to enjoy. With the variety that the single cup machine offers, your employees can never get bored with the taste of the coffee; every day can be a new adventure in your cup.