Keurig Single-Cup Coffee Systems

kuerig k cup-diamond beverages - office coffee services toronto mississauga woodbridge vaughan bramptonThe Kuerig single-cup unit is the fastest growing coffee system in the last ten years. A Small cup like capsule filled with a rich blend of perfectly grounded coffee beans is packaged individually. The variety that is available allows for a strong robust coffee, a mild smooth coffee, flavoured coffee, a varieties of teas, and of course decaffeinated coffee. Your Journey begins when you pick your coffee from a spindle of individually placed on displayed. After you pick your coffee, place the casual inside the machine’s capsules holder and push the door close. The next thing you would want to do is to get you desired cup and place it under the machines spout. The brew button is conveniently placed next to the capsule door. After you press the brew button it is only 20 seconds to your coffee or tea is ready for your enjoyment.

The coffee and teas that are specially roasted, grounded and packaged for the Kuerig machine are all well-known trusted brands and flavours.