Pod Single-Cup Coffee Systems

The single-cup pod unit has very low waste associated to it. A tea bag type puck is filled with a rich blend of perfectly grounded coffee beans packaged individually in a slim vacuumed sealed package. The 9oz puck is 100% biodegradable leaving a very small carbon foot print.

A user approaches the station and views the variety of coffees in 14-21 packed boxes. The box displays the flavour and the strength of each coffee. Based on the user’s preference and mood a coffee is chosen. After the selection is made the vacuumed pack 4 in 1 single cup coffee machinecan be opened and placed in the machines specially designed puck holder. After the puck is placed in flat and the holder’s drawer is pushed closed, a cup is placed to accept the fresh brewed steaming cup of coffee. All that is left is to press brew and in seconds your perfectly brewed coffee is ready for you to enjoy. The machines that are equipped to accommodate the pods was created for the office coffee industry. The machines are equipped with the convenience of auto fill; bunn introduced the auto fill to the world 50 years ago for the multi-cup unit and now they have incorporated it in the single-cup machine. Another benefit with the bunn single cup machine is the easy cup size selection. The cup size selection allows you to change the amount coffee that is produced also making it easy to adjust the strength of your coffee. Because of the size and shape of the pocket witch puck it makes it easy to brew any of your favourite generic tea bags.